21 Sie 2018

Sunrooms projects at affordable prices

What does the sunroom cost depend on?

At some point or another you may feel like you’re running out of space at your house. One of the solutions is moving to bigger place, another – building a sunroom. If you consider second option then you’ll also want to know what the sunroom cost is. The shortest answer is that it depends. Many factors have to be taken into account while considering the final price of such investment. One of the most obvious variables is sunroom size.

However, larger addition doesn’t automatically translate into the more expensive one. You’ll also have to include in calculation the type of construction (prefabricated sunrooms come cheaper than their built on-site counterparts do), materials used (with wood being one of the most expensive and aluminum – the least), windows installed (single or double-glazed, energy efficient etc.) and complexity of work (elaborate sunroom with gabled roof versus simple shed like construction).

How much does a sunroom cost?

While considering the total sunroom price, you also have to remember of building permits. Their price vary, usually depending on the scope and total value of the project and can be anywhere from mere $15 even up to $300.

While designing your sunroom, you may also want to consider hiring an architect for that job. There is no saying that your chosen construction company cannot supply you with excellent plans but in some cases (very complex job, desire to have a sunroom seamlessly merging with the house and so on), architect may be required.

The cost of hiring such a professional may be calculated as a percentage of the whole undertaking cost, hourly rate, a flat fee or even a cost per square foot of the project. For Square foot of standard sunroom with no bells and whistle you’ll approximately pay around $120. Premium construction can cost even as much as $300 per square foot.