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    Since 1999, Chicago Home Additions in Palatine have been the industry leader in new construction, helping homeowners expand and make the most of their property. If you’re considering house additions in Palatine, our contractors can help you through the planning, construction, and clean-up phase. Room additions in Palatine are a fantastic way to add value to your home, improve its aesthetics, and maximize the space available to you. Each of our contractors has years of experience specializing in home additions in Palatine, so you can rely upon their knowledge to guide you through your entire project. We also take special care to use only the finest materials available for home additions in Palatine to ensure that your investment lasts as long as you stay in your home. To improve the quality of your home and boost its value, make sure you place your trust in Chicago Home Additions in Palatine for all your new construction needs.

    Home Additions Palatine – Professed Home & Garage Additions

    For any new construction projects on your home, choose Chicago Home Additions in Palatine. We can handle just about any expansion project you have in mind, including garage additions in Palatine. Whatever type of project you’re looking for, our design and construction experts will create the perfect addition to your home, keeping in mind the size of your home, the architectural style, and your preferred materials. Creating the perfect home additions in Palatine is a precise and challenging art, which is why we take such pride in our work. If you take a look through our catalog, you can see countless examples of our beautiful house additions in Palatine, covering all styles and construction techniques. A home addition in Palatine can be a great way to brighten things up, while room additions in Palatine are perfect for expanding families. Whatever your needs are, give Chicago Home Additions a call to learn how we can help!

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    Home Additions Palatine

    By adding a room or structure to your house, you are contributing not only to the available and useful space but also are adding value to your home. Our team of experienced contractors will give you a quality home addition Palatine at a price you will love. 


    Room Additions Palatine

    When expecting a new family member or more guests than your home can handle, our team of home additions experts can help you with room additions. Our crew will handle all of the hard work and then you get to enjoy a new room at a great price.


    Garage Additions Palatine

    Your garage can be a place for all sorts of uses, from the storage of items and cars to a workshop or home gym. If you need more space in your garage, our contractors can help you out with a new garage addition Palatine to give you the space you need.