Excellent room addition

This Chicago company was the only one which is able to combine a high standard of service, use of the best materials, wonderful cooperation and low price. They always listen to your needs and do everything to make you satisfied. I’m really grateful!

Perfect home additions

I’ve been looking for a company for a long time, who will want to hear my needs and plans and make them happen. This company offers full professionalism, years of experience and well-qualified staff. I recommend it to anyone who wants to change something in home.

Professional sunroom addition

This company, building a sunny room for us, made my dream come true. We spend a lot of time with the family there now, I can relax from work and enjoy the sun. Thank you so much, Chicago Home Additions!

Expert house additions

I would like to recommend the company’s services with full conviction. A few years ago they were doing a renovation and I’m impressed because thanks to the best materials they used, I have comfort and full awareness that nothing bad will happen to it.

Helpful Chicago company

This company helps in the renovation from the beginning to the end, designs your ideas and implements them.

House additions for my kids

I have small children who love to play. This company has helped me change the garage in a place where kids love to stay.

Satisfaction with home addition

I’m so satisfied with the effects of their work. I’m a really demanding client and I did not think anyone would do it better than I did.

Adding rooms, Chicago

Chicago Home Additions was able to combine high quality services with low price and qualified staff. Great job, guys!

Qualified home additions staff

It was the best cooperation with a construction company over several years.

Chicago additions

I chose this company because it had a lot of positive opinions and I also fully confirm that cooperation with them is pure pleasure.

Ingenious rooms additions

Every employee is very well trained, they show their patience and ingenuity.

Interesting additions to my house

I’m in love with the sun room that they created for us. Thank you, Chicago Home Additions!

Amazing home additions

I have already employed them many times because they are the best company in this location. I didn’t need to worry about anything while they were working.

Experience with home addition

Already after a few conversations you can see that this company is very experienced.

A small garage addition

This company made me realize that the garage doesn’t have to be just a parking place. They created a lot of space there, in which we are now very often!

Some additions to my house

Our family is constantly growing, so adding a room was a necessity. This company offered me many projects and we went on to great cooperation.

My new sunroom

We spend a lot of time with family, so adding a room with lots of light is the best idea. The sunroom is a mainstay of peace and rest.

An artist room addition

My daughter is an artist, so I wanted to create her place where she could create something. This company helped me with that idea from beggining to the end!

Best choice- home addition

I have always lacked space to store my things at home, so I decided to hire this Chicago company. It was the best choice!

Cheap additions

I wanted to enlarge my home though, but I had a limited budget and that held me back. Fortunately I found Chicago Home Additions- they offered me a great price!

Sunroom addition

They designed me a room with large windows and a glass roof, which allow in a lot of sunlight. I want to show it everyone!

Home additions

They increased the value of my home through garage additions. Now it looks much better.