31 sty 2022

Are you wondering if buying a new home is the right move, or if you could transform your existing house into a bigger one? You can expect a house addition to cost about $80 to $200 per square foot. As such, a new room addition is not inexpensive and serious thought should be given before committing.

So is it worth the cost to expand your existing home? Absolutely! While the costs can quickly add up for a room addition, particularly if the plumbing is involved, a Chicago homeowner can typically expect a 60% to 90% return on their investment.

Home additions are typically worth the cost simply due to home value accrual year over year. However, room additions should be carefully planned so it is practical for you and future homeowners. If not carefully planned, you may end up with a room with little value or use.

While the perspective of value is attractive, here are some other considerations for home additions Chicago residents should ponder.

No moving required

By expanding your existing home you do not need to bother packing up to move. House hunting, box labeling, and moving truck rentals are all a large hassle. A room addition allows you to sit back and enjoy the transformation to the home of your dreams.


If you are adding a master suite with a master bathroom, you can enjoy designing the details and adding flavors such as his and her sinks, a relaxing whirlpool bath, and custom closet space. Room additions can give you the space you dream of with your unique style.

More space for family 

Whether welcoming a new child or taking care of your elders, having more room for your family is always welcome. An extra bedroom or small bathroom can even be a great investment if you are expecting increased visitors.