23 sie 2022

Do you want to add amenities to your home or maximize your space in the most efficient way possible? At Chicago Home Additions we have the right solution for you. There are infinite reasons why Chicago homeowners are opting for home additions. It can be wanting to increase their functional space or wanting to achieve natural insulation. Home additions are a way to meet your needs and live the lifestyle you’ve always wanted with the following benefits:

Extended Space
House additions can provide a space to gather your family together or host more guests for your next party. A spread-out environment will prevent your home from feeling overcrowded, and you won’t have space limitations to carry out the activities you want. 

A Tailored Place
Room additions might be just what your place needs for you to fit your whole family, or perhaps you need a garage addition for extra vehicles.

Increased Value
Your house worth can increase with some home additions. Also, if you’re looking for another place due to the lack of space you have in your current home, consider investing in house additions – it might be the most effective solution. 

A Potential Business
Renting rooms is a growing trend in Chicago. For this reason, room additions are a logical investment that can provide you with additional income. According to some homeowners, home additions can result in being more cost-effective than buying another property.    

Once you figure out your specific needs regarding your home space, you should choose the best company in Chicago to perform your house additions. Chicago Home Additions is an award-winning company with the knowledge and experience it takes to deliver top-quality home addition projects for Chicago households.

12 kwi 2022

It is common for growing families to begin to outgrow their homes at some point, and need more space. Or for homeowners to want extra space over time. Often the first thing homeowners think is that they are going to have to buy a bigger, more expensive  property, but there is another solution. Construction of a home addition will solve all your problems and save you the expense and stress of moving. We have put together some points to show you the many advantages of constructing home additions and how they can improve your life.

More Space For Your Growing Family

A room addition will give you additional living space for whatever you need it for. Maybe another bedroom for the children or an extra bathroom to reduce the queues in the morning! You can have your parents visit more frequently, or maybe a large playroom for the children. Whatever you need it for, your home will become more spacious with extra  much needed space.

Improve Your Home’s Value

Constructing home additions have a significant financial benefit, think of the money they cost as an investment. House additions add significant value to your house. So if in the future you are planning on selling your property, any house additions you have constructed will increase the resale price and put more money into your pocket!.

You Can Finally Have Guests

Maybe your house is just not big enough for you to accommodate family or friends comfortably, with a home addition, you could add extra bedrooms so that you have the extra space so that your visitors, friends and family visitors can stay comfortably.

It’s Far Easier Than Moving

By carrying out home additions, you won’t have to go through the stress of moving house, it also saves you money, as you won’t have to pay for a larger, more expensive property or moving fees and various taxes. Your children won’t have to move schools and the whole headache of packing and unpacking will be avoided.

31 sty 2022

Are you wondering if buying a new home is the right move, or if you could transform your existing house into a bigger one? You can expect a house addition to cost about $80 to $200 per square foot. As such, a new room addition is not inexpensive and serious thought should be given before committing.

So is it worth the cost to expand your existing home? Absolutely! While the costs can quickly add up for a room addition, particularly if the plumbing is involved, a Chicago homeowner can typically expect a 60% to 90% return on their investment.

Home additions are typically worth the cost simply due to home value accrual year over year. However, room additions should be carefully planned so it is practical for you and future homeowners. If not carefully planned, you may end up with a room with little value or use.

While the perspective of value is attractive, here are some other considerations for home additions Chicago residents should ponder.

No moving required

By expanding your existing home you do not need to bother packing up to move. House hunting, box labeling, and moving truck rentals are all a large hassle. A room addition allows you to sit back and enjoy the transformation to the home of your dreams.


If you are adding a master suite with a master bathroom, you can enjoy designing the details and adding flavors such as his and her sinks, a relaxing whirlpool bath, and custom closet space. Room additions can give you the space you dream of with your unique style.

More space for family 

Whether welcoming a new child or taking care of your elders, having more room for your family is always welcome. An extra bedroom or small bathroom can even be a great investment if you are expecting increased visitors.

11 sty 2022

Any building project requires that a lot of advance planning take place. Too often home additions seem less daunting and are approached haphazardly. This can be a formula for disappointment bordering on disaster. If you are already thinking about any room additions or garage additions there are very definitely some steps you need to consider before putting a shovel in the ground.

Proper Paperwork

First, contact a home additions contractor to help you get all your paperwork in order. Your best choice is Home Additions Chicago. Our contractors are all well versed in local codes, building regulations, permits, all the paperwork you will need to take care of before you ever start. Home Additions Chicago can expedite the process for you. This is one area you do not want to go alone because it can lead to more red tape, fines, and long delays.

Realistic Budget

Second, once you have a contractor, work with them to set a budget that is realistic. There’s no way around the fact that home additions can be costly, especially if you are inexperienced in budget planning. Home Additions Chicago has contractors who will meet with you, discuss your planned addition, and then give you a realistic idea of what it will cost so when the final bill hits you won’t be shocked.

Start Your Home Additions Projects

Finally, get going! That home addition can be on the way soon but not until you close the deal with the best contractors in the Windy City, Home Additions Chicago. From the first day until we hand you the keys our team will be with you to make sure you are beyond happy with our work.

Call Home Additions Chicago today to get your free estimate for the home additions projects and let’s get to work!

05 lis 2021

Even the most basic garage can seem easy to construct but think again. You may be an experienced DIYer that can take on all kinds of large projects around the house, but building a garage is difficult and time-consuming. So if you need a garage for a home that doesn’t already have one, or your existing garage is old or unsuitable for your current lifestyle, then you might want to hire the professionals who can handle such a garage addition Chicago.

You Can’t Beat Experience

There is no question that our contractors know how to plan for a garage addition Chicago, and that means understanding the right materials to use, the proper tools, and construction methods.  You can enjoy the benefits of that experience whether you need a new garage addition to your home or a garage addition to an existing garage Chicago. We’ll be there every step of the way to plan and build it the right way.

Build It Right

That brings us to the next benefit. You may find that you doubt your next move when building your garage or you are just not sure if what you already built is done right. If you have never built a garage addition Chicago before, it’s certain that you will make some mistakes and some could be costly. For our experienced garage addition Chicago contractors, there is little room for error because we have done it before and we want to make sure it’s done right for you.

Management and Responsibility

Experienced contractors are prepared to lead a project through to completion and do it to the highest standards. A garage addition Chicago is a tremendous amount of work from the planning phase to the final cleanup. It will take a while if you’re working on your own and if you’ve never handled this type of project before. From permits to planning to construction and electrical, it takes a team that knows how to deal with all of it at once.

Chicago Home Additions offers experienced professionals to build your garage addition. Chicago homeowners know they can trust our team as the top choice in the region to take care of it properly. Contact us today to receive your free quote.

04 paź 2021

Any time you go through with a home improvement or upgrade, you want to understand the benefits that you can enjoy from the end result. A garage addition in Chicago is no different. This is more than just a house addition Chicago, as a garage addition adds extremely versatile space to your home while increasing its market value. You gain great convenience from a garage addition while also keeping your home and property as you need it. Here are some of the biggest benefits of a garage addition Chicago:

Extra Space with New Garage Addition Chicago

A new garage addition Chicago can add a huge volume of additional space to your home. It doesn’t just have to serve as a place to park your car safely away from inclement weather or prying eyes, but you can increase your storage space significantly. You can store snowblowers, lawnmowers, and other outdoor equipment with ease. There is ample room for bikes, toys, boxes of household items that you use seasonally, and more.

Storage for Anything You Need

Every homeowner needs more storage space regardless of how much there already is in the home. A garage addition Chicago can serve that purpose. You don’t need to own a car to have a garage, but you do need to have a place to keep all your belongings. With some planning, you can have a garage addition that features shelving and cabinetry to house anything you need.

Protect Your Most Valuable Belongings

A garage addition Chicago can help you keep all your prized possessions safe and secure right under your own roof. These may be valuable items, seasonal use items, or things you rarely use but want to keep safe. Your garage can hold them and hold their value for you until the next time you take them out.

These are only some of the benefits of a garage addition Chicago. When it’s time for your next home improvement project, think about how a garage addition can make your life so much easier. After your new garage addition is complete, you will certainly wonder how you lived so long without it. If you’re ready to start planning for your garage addition Chicago, call Chicago Home Additions and speak to the experts.

23 paź 2018

home additions tips

Whether your family is growing or you’re just looking to create some extra space in your home, a brand-new home addition can be a great investment for just about any family. The main difficulty, of course, for most people is knowing how and where to begin. Fortunately, once you’ve created a good plan of attack and gotten everything squared away, it’s a lot easier than you might think to create the home addition of your dreams.

Planning & Preparing Your Home Addition

The first thing to do is identify your primary objectives. Ask yourself some simple questions like, “what am I trying to achieve?” and “What problem is this home addition trying to address?” Common answers to these questions include things like increasing space or improve the flow of traffic through your home. Many homeowners also find it effective to create scrapbooks and inspiration boards clipped from their favorite home design websites or magazines. During this planning and “dreaming” phase, look at what’s important to you and decide where your priorities lie. For some homeowners, a fireplace is a must-have for their home addition. For others, they may want to splurge on a fancy theater system.

Budgeting For the Actual Construction

While the planning and dreaming phase is often the most entertaining part of designing a home addition, you also have to focus on your budget. Crunching the numbers and getting into the permit acquisition phase of your home addition is rarely a lot of fun, but it’s essential to making sure your home addition goes smoothly. When planning your budget, be realistic about what you can afford. Find some ways to save money on things that are less important to you while also splurging on your priorities. Getting a building permit and checking your city’s ordinances is another vital element of this project which many homeowners neglect, so make sure you have the all-clear from authorities before beginning.